Steel Structure Manufacturing

Manufacture at Hipra’s Workshop

Hipra has a worldwide reputation for excellence in fabrication and erection of a wide variety of pre-engineered steel frame structures. We are specialists in steel manufacture for industrial facilities and buildings.

Our Products and Services:

  • Steel pipeline support systems
  • Supports structure for various equipment
  • Pipe racks and bridges
  • Lattice towers
  • Gantries
  • Catwalks and platforms
  • Spiral and regular stairs
  • Other steel structures
  • Cutting steel plates and profiles according to client designs
  • Preassembly of steel structure
  • Galvanizing (HDG) steel structures
  • Painting galvanized steel structure
  • Packing steel structure into bundles
  • Transport to the site

Hipra’s steel manufacturing workshop is equipped with highly sophisticated machines for cutting and processing steel. We use a CNC plasma cutter line for cutting & drilling steel plates. For profile processing, Hipra has CNC machine line. It cuts and drills steel profiles, makes long holes and its scribing unit, enables weld preparation (positioning). On both machines, marking units provide, that welded steel parts are clearly marked for easy assemble on site. Other leading machines are CNC universal milling – center (4000 mm working length, 4 axes) for steel parts with strict tolerances and CNC hydraulic press brake (600 tones, 3200 mm working pieces). Laser cutting machine for processing metal sheets thickness up to 20 mm is also part of Hipra machinery equipment. All above-mentioned machines together, with plenty accessory machines, make powerful combination for fast truck manufacturing.

Hipra uses Tekla software for steel manufacturing design. Our machines have the ability to run Tekla software and because of that our design can be easily implemented without programming machines.

All of our steel structures are pre-assembled at our site for quality control. After the structure passes a thorough inspection, we galvanize the steel and paint the final product according to specifications.

Thereafter the product is placed into shipping pallets and prepared to go to it’s final destination.