About us


With wide and long running experience in engineering, Hipra’s projects already have been implemented  all around the world. We offer high quality steel construction and civil design supported by statistical analysis. As the final result of our engineering efforts, customers are provided with CAD drawings, building documentation and materials that fit or exceed their building standards.

Hipra logistic provides delivery of steel frame on site. If there is a need, on customer’s request, our operators install steel structure on site. Steel is packed in bundles and small parts into wooden cases. Each part of steel frame is separated from the other with wooden bars. Wood for packing is protected according to EU IPPC standard.

HIPRA Engineering Co in its work and services uses modern softwers. Hipra  is well eqiuped with high technology systems such as Tekla structure for 3d modeling in designing, CNC machine for steel frame production (manufacturing) etc.