In the future, we intend to make more acquisitions for engineering and production projects in the steel
construction sector and continue to send orders to Hipra. However, I would like to create a contractual
basis for this within a framework of an exclusivity agreement. Novita Engineering GmbH would therefore
act as a Hipra partner location for customer located in Switzerland. Any business for Hipra for customers
in Switzerland would be processed by Novita, with the exception of existing Swiss Hipra customers such
as Hitachi Schweiz AG, they will be still approached directly by Hipra.

The advantage would be that we could develop the company Novita accordingly in the steel construction
sector and Hipra would receive further orders from Switzerland (engineering and production). We would
take over the assembly of the steel structures on site. Hipra would be responsible for development and
production. Nothing will change for you in the process, only the exclusivity for Hipra projects in
Switzerland would be processed by Novita.
Mirco Hofstetter