Electrical & civil work engineering for AiS and GiS substations

In this engineering area, Hipra is specialized in design and installation of high voltage electrical equipment in GIS and AIS substations. Civil work engineering compiled with electric engineering is another part of our offer that cover all your need in this field of electrical industry.

Electrical & Civil Work Engineering for AIS and GIS Substations

  • Design & Engineering of substations at any voltage level
  • System Studies
  • 3 D Implementation
  • Site commisioning
  • Project Menagment
  • Overall Site Layouts
  • Earthing Design & Layouts
  • Power Cable Routing & Support Layouts
  • Cable Tray Routing Design
  • Lightning Protection Layouts
  • Short Circuit Calculation
  • Load Flow Study
  • Motor Starting (Dynamic & Static)
  • Transient Stability
  • Harmonic Load Flow
  • Ground Grid Design & Verification
  • Protection System Coordination & Selectivity

Hipra has completed many electrical engineering projects in partnership with the Canadian company Point Comm. Over the last decade, this partnership has been involved in several successful turnkey projects with European and Japanese electric equipment manufacturers. We can proudly say that all of our common projects were completed under budget and on time.

Civil Work Design at High Voltage GIS and AIS Substations

A long with eletrical design for high voltage GIS and AIS substaton, we create civil work design in this field as well. It consists of following items:

  • Sinchrony plan – bundled civil and electrical layout
  • Foundation design and calculations for gantries lattice towers, supports for electrical equpiment.
  • Transformer oil pit
  • Cable tranches
  • Maintenence and access roads
  • Surface work & leveling
  • Sewer and drainage systems

By adding architecture of control building and HVAC system, we are covering all parts of engineering required for designing GIS and AIS at high voltage substations.